The @blocktrades World Cup: My selections

Well I don’t know anything about the teams and how good they are. The truth is I really don’t know anything about playing soccer. But a winning contest is always fun to participate. And as you guys mention in your post:

No kidding: a 2,000 SBD prize pool and ANYONE who can make a post, can join in the fun! So I join!

So @worldcup-russia thank you for organising this contest!

These are my predictions for the following contest:

Score Team Team Score
W Russia v Saudi Arabia L
L Egypt v Uruguay W
W Morocco v Iran L
L Portugal v Spain W
W France v Australia L
L Argentina v Iceland W
W Peru v Denmark L
W Croatia v Nigeria L
W Costa Rica v Serbia L
W Germany v Mexico L
W Brazil v Switzerland L
W Sweden v South Korea L
W Belgium v Panama L
L Tunisia v England W
W Poland v Senegal L
W Colombia v Japan L
W Russia v Egypt L
W Portugal v Morocco L
L Uruguay v Saudi Arabia W
L Iran v Spain W
W France v Peru L
W Denmark v Australia L
W Argentina v Croatia L
W Brazil v Costa Rica L
L Nigeria v Iceland W
W Serbia v Switzerland L
W Belgium v Tunisia L
W Germany v Sweden L
L South Korea v Mexico W
W England v Panama L
W Japan v Senegal L
W Poland v Colombia L
W Uruguay v Russia L
W Saudi Arabia v Egypt L
W Spain v Morocco L
L Iran v Portugal W
L Denmark v France W
L Australia v Peru W
W Nigeria v Argentina L
W Iceland v Croatia L
L South Korea v Germany W
W Mexico v Sweden L
L Serbia v Brazil W
L Switzerland v Costa Rica W
W Japan v Poland L
L Senegal v Colombia W
L England v Belgium W
W Panama v Tunisia L


Now let the fun start!

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